December 3, 2019

We are looking for a quad-core business developer to our Gothenburg office

The Game Incubator,one of Sweden’s leading incubators for computer games development, is looking for a business developer to our office in Gothenburg. We need you, who wants to work with aiding and coaching entrepreneurs within the growing and international computer games industry.

Our mission is to,with an including mindset, search for entrepreneurs within the sector and through a continuously improved process at our hands, assisting them to verify their game ideas as well as build sustainable and growing companies.

You will be part of a successful and highly engaged team of business developers both in Gothenburg and Skövde, who work together for our startups to make it on a global and extremely competitive market. Our main site is located at Gothia Science Parkin Skövde, with a satellite at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg since 2014.


In the role as Business Developer, you have daily contact with developers that want to make their dream come true as entrepreneurs within the games business. With a coaching approach you help them to keep focus on what is important, whether it is verifying the commercial viability of the game or preparing the company for an investment.

Our process to support startups involves both planning and holding group lectures as well as doing individual advising and coaching. Sometimes you also have to dig in practically, helping out in operative work with the teams for them to reach success. Together with your colleagues you will keep the process up to date regarding content and models to be able to, in a pedagogic way, accelerate the knowledge and competence of the entrepreneurs so they reach their goals. And ifyou like playing games, you are in for a treat – every once in awhile we get to play some games fresh out of compilation.


We are looking for you, who has at least 3 years of experience in the game industry. You have had a role as a Producer/Designer or within marketing/sales. You have a degree in university level in either one of these areas or earned skills through former positions and experiences.

As a person, you are motivated by helping other people grow, develop and succeed. You are independent, driving, emphatical and have great skills in building relations.You also love to create and facilitate captivating presentations and workshops,regardless the size of the audience.

Your way of working including, structured and result oriented. You have good knowledge about the computer games industry in general and your network is international and up to date. If you have run a startup yourself, it is of merit, but not a demand. You master both Swedish and English.


Employment type:
 Permanent position, full time

Application Time: Until 31 January 2020
Interviews are ongoing, and the position might be filled earlier. We accept applications in both Swedish and English.

Access: ASAP

Send your CV and application to:

Please visit or contact:

Jimmy Öman,Senior Business Developer/ Site Manager - The Game Incubator, Göteborg
Mob: 0705 878693

KennethJohansson, Vice President Business Development & Startup

Magnus Ling,Project Manager, Sweden Game Arena
Mob: 0709 644654

Magnus Ling

The Game Incubator leader