August 12, 2018

Swedish Game Awards 18 - Reflections

After talking to the various teams that participated it became clear that many of the participants had studied, or was studying, at FutureGames, the vocational college in Stockholm, and had only developed their games as a portfolio piece. They had not considered forming a game studio themselves as their goal was to land a job at any of the major AAA studios in Stockholm. It’s a shame, since there was several games and entrepreneurs at the event that showed great potential.

Knåddskogen was with out a doubt the most charming game at the event. You play as a kindergarten teacher that are having a field trip with the children in the woods. As you are about gather everyone and head for the bus you realize most of the children have gone missing. You have to go on a search-and-collect mission. The art direction was very slick and pleasant, with vivid colors and memorable characters. It was easy to see that the gameplay and the main mechanic, tossing children to reach and collect other children, was heavily inspired by Pikmin, which was of finest games back on the Gamecube.

Heaven’s Point was an intriguing game in a retro pixel art style and with the combined mechanics of old beat’em ups (Double Dragon, Streets of Rage etc) and old adventure games (LucasArts). It mostly reminded me of ダウンタウン熱血物語 (known as River City Ransom in the west) with it's action role-playing system.

Fight Corp was a snappy third-person brawler with heaps of attitude. With clear inspiration from hack and slash games like Suda51’s No More Heroes and Platinum Games MadWorld it left a lasting impression on me since it had only been developed by one person and he was not even 20 years old yet.

Per Micael Nyberg

Business developer & Designer