March 30, 2018

Our new website

Being the first and largest game incubator in Sweden our old website left a lot to be desired and we knew we had to do something about it. We get contacted by devs and industry people all the time that are curious on our business and community. There is not enough hours in the day for us to sit down with each one and explain it individually. A website that answers, if not all, at least most of their questions and where we could collect and present information about us and our incubation program was key for us. So we hunkered down internally for a some time and got busy building this site. It is not finished (as websites never are) but at least it's more informative and is easier for us to update than our previous one was.

We will tweak, update and iterate the site over time.
We hope you'll like it. Welcome!

Per Micael Nyberg

Business developer & Designer