April 27, 2018

Nordic Game 18 - Reflections

  • Eastern mobile publishers in the mid- and hard-core sector are eager to find their own Knives Out or PUBG that scales both PC and mobile
  • Western publishers seems fat, happy and very selective on which new game and dev studio to sign
  • Experienced analysts and economists from the tech VC market that also are passionate gamers launch funds dedicated to indie games
  • There was an abundance of indie games in a retro 2D pixel art style before. There are plenty more now and a whole myriad new ones are coming soon. Having an affinity and knack for a particular aesthetic is fine and good but if Steam, itch and GameJolt are your target platforms better make sure your gameplay can hold its own because you’re entering an incredibly crowded market.
  • Gamedevs with little track record pitch “narrative driven”, “unique 2D art style”, “bespoke puzzles and level design”, “replayability not important”, “we want to make games that we want to play”, “Agile, scrum, waterfall?” and my producer/production manager sense is tingling.
  • Thoughts after an interesting meeting: Could a western adult entertainment company ever get away with creating a branch and platform that revolves around traditional games and then be able to attract both devs and gamers?
  • Pro pitch tip: If you are rookie indiedev, and unless you are the next John Carmack or Tim Sweeney or have an absolutely stellar track record, don't bash AAA or other games when you are trying to sell me on yours. Being opinionated can take you far. Being humble will take your further.

Per Micael Nyberg

Business developer & Designer