April 3, 2018

New incubation program

Since the beginning of 2018 we are running a new version of our well established incubation program. What makes it differ from the previous one is a new focus on diversity and acceleration. It is initiated and funded by the EU European Regional Development Fund, Region Västra Götaland and Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth). During the following 3 years, which is the duration of this particular version of the program, we aim and hope make more women, non-Nordic people and people with physical or mental functional variations want to become involved in the Swedish game industry.

To accommodate a more diverse demographic than just traditional gamedevs we had to think long and hard of our incubation program. The foundation with all our processes, models and workshops was already sound but we had to make some changes to it. One of the biggest changes was to make it shorter and more business focused with crucial pitching sessions for us and our partners (established companies in the industry). Another big change was that we would start incubating teams batch-wise. That way we would be able to keep a more varied range of teams and individuals on the same track. They would also be able to support each other along the way.

It's been a busy spring for us here at The Game Incubator but we're just about to launch our new program. We're very excited about it! The teams that have applied and will be in the first batch are too.

Per Micael Nyberg

Business developer & Designer