March 22, 2018

GDC SF 18 - Reflections

  • Investors or large corporations from Asia remains hungry for acquisitions in the west and up in the north. They can and want to move fast whereas we, in the Nordics at least, want to take it a bit slower and build strategically for the long-term. This is a cultural difference one have to take into aspect going in but its not impossible to overcome if both parties are genuinely interested in building a strong foundation together.
  • VR and AR death rattle? There was only two startups that pitched VR ideas to us. The Asian market still seem to have belief in the tech and its potential, while western investors have gone ice cold on it.
  • Google was at GDC and was finally starting to talk to gamedevs about getting access to the Google Map API (something that I personally find really exciting). Pokemon Go was, and still is, a gem in my eyes. Cannot help but wonder if they will have a pricing model suitable for indie devs or if one have to come at them with a major IP and very deep pockets before they want to take the discussions any further?
  • Visual novels and otome games around the world seems to slowly gaining momentum. With the trend of young people in Asia and in the west choosing to stay single longer and not to become romantically involved with anyone, but still want some romance in their lives these visual novels can be exactly what they need and want.  
  • I met with two new cloud-based gaming platforms. Both had some really impressive tech but so did Gaikai, OnLive and Shinra Technologies at the time. PlayStation Now is nice but it’s not perfect. There has to be a major global network infrastructure improvement before this becomes a truly viable option for all games.

Per Micael Nyberg

Business developer & Designer