August 15, 2018

First batch of our new program

Around 20 people across several different teams that we had accepted to join the Startup phase came to Skövde and participated in the two day kickoff workshop. We had an excited bunch of participants from Australia, Brazil, Greece, Iceland and Sweden. Per and Fredrik held the workshop and made sure the teams got off to a good start and provided them with a solid foundation of running a startup and the methods we use. Some of the material we showed the teams was learning about some harsh but real industry facts, which serves as a way to ground the entrepreneurs and get realistic about how to go about starting their studios. Before we wrapped up all the teams had to do a causal pitch of their game followed by some discussions. And with that, the first batch of our new incubation program have officially entered the Startup phase. For the next 3 months all they need to focus on is to validate their game.

Per Micael Nyberg

Business developer & Designer