May 12, 2019

Comic Con Göteborg - Reflections

This weekend was the first time Comic Con was held in Göteborg. Comic Con have long been a prime event for fans and enthusiasts of all type of popular and subcultural entertainment. The Game Incubator and Sweden Game Arena usually don't attend consumer events but figured it could be good to try something different. Having our satellite in Göteborg also helped influence the decision.

When Comic Con is held in Stockholm it attracts somewhere between 20.000-30.000 visitors. This being the first time in Göteborg they expected to have about 15.000 visitors. The numbers are still out but it sure felt like a significant amount. Our booth, which was conveniently located in the passage between the two big halls, was constantly crowded. An endless river of people consisting of gamers, small children with their parents, cosplayers, comic book fans and many many more flowed in and out of our booth.

We had a selection of our studios with us. For some this was their first consumer event. Getting an opportunity to expose their games outside the game developer ecosystem that Sweden Game Arena is, to gamers and normal people, the potential consumers, was a educational and humbling experience for them. It requires a different tone, language and approach when pitching your game to consumers compared to other game industry professionals. The feedback a game developer can get from a total stranger and a non-gamer is often extremely useful.

We also offered visitors to come and pitch their game ideas to us in our cute little Pitchstuga (Pitch Cottage). If the ideas had potential maybe we could help bring the games to market. Unfortunately not many took us up on that offer. Perhaps not so surprising though, this being a consumer event where people are more skewed towards consuming content rather than creating it themselves.

PocApp Studios, one of our alumni studios got one of the end sections of our large booth. There they were promoting and selling merch from their popular cat game CastleCats.

The University of Skövde and their inclusive game development initiative DONNA was also present in our booth and attracted many visitors. Next to them was YRGO, a vocational education in Göteborg that have some programmes in game development.

Summary: smiles, laughter, enthusiastic energy and good times. Comic Con Göteborg felt like a successful event for everyone that attended it. For Göteborg this must have been a smash hit event. For our studios it sure was. They are now coming home with brand new insight of how to improve their games.

Per Micael Nyberg

Business developer & Designer